Nvidia 310.19 Video Driver for Linux Supports OpenGL 4.3

A few minutes ago, November 16, Nvidia released version 310.19 of its graphics driver for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD operating systems.

Nvidia 310.19 brings support for OpenGL 4.3, support for configuring stereo audio in nvidia-settings, support for configuring the ViewPortOut and ViewPortIn for monitors in nvidia-settings, adds a new option in nvidia-settings, called 'UseHotplugEvents', to allow suppression of RandR events when non-DisplayPort displays are removed or added, support for configuring reflection and rotation per monitor in nvidia-settings, support for HDMI 3D Stereo output (supporting Quadro Kepler and later GPUs).

Moreover, Nvidia 310.19 adds experimental support for OpenGL threaded optimizations, which can be enabled using the __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS environment variable, as well as unofficial support for the GLX protocol, such as GLX indirect rendering, to be used in the GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object OpenGL extension.

Last but not least, this new release of the Nvidia video driver brings improved the responsiveness and performance of OpenGL apps that run on top of the Unity session of Ubuntu-based operating systems.

For more details about Nvidia 310.19 graphics driver please take a look at the official changelog.

How to install the Nvidia video drivers on your Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris box?

Log out of your current session and enter a text-mode session. Log in as root (System Administrator), go to the folder where you've downloaded the Nvidia driver installer or archive for your architecture (see below for download links), and type the following corresponding command:

For 32-bit Linux users:

sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-310.19.run

For 64-bit Linux users:

sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-310.19.run

For 32-bit FreeBSD users:

tar xzf NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-310.19.tar.gz && cd NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-310.19 & make install

For 64-bit FreeBSD users:

tar xzf NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86_64-310.19.tar.gz && cd NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86_64-310.19 & make install

For Solaris users:

sh ./NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-310.19.run

Download Nvidia Display Driver 310.19 for Linux 32-bit right now from Softpedia. Also you can download Nvidia Display Driver 310.19 for 64-bit Linux operating systems, Nvidia Display Driver 310.19 for FreeBSD operating systems, as well as the Nvidia Display Driver 310.19 for Solaris operating systems.

Last modified on Saturday, 24 November 2012 00:12
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